Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

Featured on the Teaching Channel is an overview of the Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age Initiative, and lesson videos from OUSD classrooms: Encouraging Students to Take Action and Infographics For Change


Graduating College, Career and Community Ready

Civic Engagement in Alameda County from ACOE on Vimeo.


How English teachers may promote civic participation

Outside of social studies, there are engaging and thought-provoking possibilities to instruct pupils on being active citizens. Is civics class in high school the sole setting in which your kids acquire the abilities and information necessary to become active, knowledgeable citizens? In such cases, students must take advantage of valuable, timely learning chances in other subject areas.

Civic Society and Foreign Language Learning

Foreign language education is one of the significant strategies for strengthening people's identities as global citizens. However, while building a feeling of global citizenship is frequently lauded as critical to meeting local and international difficulties encountered globally, the function of citizenship in this idea takes work. Instead, citizenship plays a contradictory role in this context, as citizenship frequently implies national bounds, but global citizenship ideals aim to question or interrogate these borders critically.