EDDA teachers have been innovating and integrating civic engagement and technology into their curricula during the past three years. This year a group of EDDA teachers have put their ideas and innovations into a range of different curricula. Explore the possibilities below!


The Taking Action Project Curriculum (9th Grade) — Jessica Tyson



The Taking Action curriculum integrates civic action into the 9th grade California Studies Curriculum. Jessica Tyson, 9th grade teacher at Oakland Technical High School, developed this exciting curriculum through her work with the EDDA initiative. For more see Taking Action.



Research and Blogging: Seedlings of Civic Engagement from the Classroom (11th Grade) — Lisa Rothbard


The Research and Blogging curriculum integrates media literacy skills into an 11th grade into ELA curriculum focused on the civil rights issues of our time. Lisa Rothbard, 11th grade teacher, ELA Department coach and leader at Skyline High School, developed this exciting curriculum through her work with the EDDA Initiative. For more see Research & Blogging.




Democracy in Action (12th Grade) — Maryann Wolfe



In the Democracy in Action curriculum, especially in mid-term and presidential election years, students will learn about political socialization, political parties, voting and other forms of political action, especially why it is important to participate in a democracy.





Analyzing and Creating Infographics (7th – 12th Grade) — Nicole Edwards


The Analyzing and Creating Infographic curriculum introduces students to infographics, provides them with a protocol they can use to analyze infographics, and finally teaches them how to create their own infographics.