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Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

Featured on the Teaching Channel is an overview of the Educating for Democracy in the Digital Age Initiative,

Lesson videos from OUSD classrooms:
Encouraging Students to Take Action
Infographics For Change


Connected Learning T.V. 

Youth-Led Inquiry, Connection and Action: Redesigning Civic Education for the Digital Age with Educating for Participatory Politics, Council of Youth Research webinar series.

Educator’s Experiences Educating for Participatory Politics (3/24/2016)
The Educating for Participatory Politics project is an action project developed by the MacArthur Research Network on Youth and Participatory Politics that works with educators to redesign civic learning opportunities in classrooms in three different cities. The Council of Youth Research is a partnership between UCLA and local schools in Los Angeles that has mentored young people to become researchers of their own schools and communities over the past fifteen years. The series focuses on successes and lessons learned from two long-running civic education initiatives that redesign civic learning opportunities to take advantage of digital opportunities for connection and social action. 

Other videos in this series:

Support for Educators to Educate for Participatory Politics (3/10/2016)

YPAR in Action: Lessons form the Council of Youth Research (3/17/2016)

Thinking across Civic Education Work (3/31/2016)


Educator Innovator

Understanding and Creating Digital Texts – May 19, 2015  Explores the questions: How can we help our young people engage in practices that encourage them as they create digital texts to define purpose and audience, make connections between digital texts and people, collaborate with others, employ alternative modes of communication and gain new perspectives, and construct identities? And how can we frame this work through a Connected Learning lens, particularly with a civic engagement mindset? Hosted by Erica Hodgin, a discussion with Richard Beach, author of Understanding and Creating Digital Texts, and teachers Antero Garcia, Nicole Mirra and Lara Trale.


Teachers Teaching Teachers

#379 – Jan 22, 2014. Teaching Civic Engagement In Oakland Schools hosted by Paul Allison with Young Whan Choi, Steven Moreno, Paul Oh, Jo Paraiso, Jesse Shapiro, Maggie Sheffer, Chris Sloan, Jessica Tyson, and Maryann Wolfe.


Teachers Teaching Teachers

#360 – August 21, 2013. What’s new at Gooru? With Jo Paraiso (Fremont High), Leah Jensen (Instructional Tech Lead OUSD), Timothy Burke (School Partnerships at Gooru), and Andrew Wyndham (School Partnerships at Gooru)