Bay Area Urban Debate League (BAUDL) – the Bay Area Urban Debate Commission in partnership with OUSD established BAUDL. The organization provides debate education resources for teachers and students. For more see BAUDL

Constitutional Rights Foundation (CRF) – provides teachers a range of resources to support civic education and engagement, including free lesson plans, publications, mock trial program and civic action project-based learning models. For more see CRF –  provides a range of online resources that enable young people to identify issues that matter to them and develop an action campaign in response and/or participate in an existing campaign. Resources include toolkits, forums, and background information on social issues. For more see

Facing History and Ourselves – through in-person and online seminars Facing History engages teachers to teach civic responsibility, tolerance, and social action. For more see Facing History

Generation Citizen (GC) – GC teaches youth direction action using an innovative in-class curriculum that supports young people to work with local leaders to fix local problems. For more see GC

Mikva Challenge – based in Chicago is a youth leadership development organization that provides professional development resources for teachers, schools, and nonprofits. For more see Mikva


Digital Media and Learning

Common Sense Media – in addition to information and tools that support families critical consumption of media, Common Sense provides curricular resources for educators on such topics as digital citizenship. For more see Common Sense

Digital Is – is an emerging and open knowledge base created by its community of members that includes resources, collections, reflections, inquiries, and stories about what it means to learn and teach writing in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. For more see Digital Is

Educator Innovator Fund – provides direct support to practitioners who want to move their practice toward connected learning and community engagement. For more see Ed Innovator

Gooru – is developing open-source technology to support teachers to transform learning. They believe that with the right set of tools and applications, teachers and students can use the web to positively impact learning outcomes. For more see Gooru

KQED – digital media and learning resources include KQED Do Now, a series of activities for students to respond to current events through KQED’s online platform and social media. KQED’s The Lowdown blog classifies current stories by academic subject and provides resources to help students decode news stories. For more on activities see Do Now for more on news decoding see The Lowdown