Civic Engagement Research Group (CERG)

CERG, based in the School of Education at Mills College, conducts quantitative and qualitative research focused on understanding the nature of civic engagement, and the impact of civic learning opportunities and digital media participation on young people’s civic capacities and commitments. CERG further examines the quantity, quality and equality of civic opportunities and outcomes in public schools and other contexts. CERG’s mission is to provide an evidence base that informs the design of politics and programs that promote the development of citizens for an effective, just, and humane democratic society. For more visit: CERG


Facing History and Ourselves

What ignited Facing History and Ourselves in the beginning is still what guides us today. The educator’s most important responsibility—our gift to society—is to shape a humane, well-educated citizenry that practices civility and preserves human rights. At its inception, Facing History was one innovative course taught in two classrooms. In practical terms, it was a history class about the ideas and events that led to the Holocaust, but its beyond-the-textbook approach and methods made it about far more. Through discussion, character exploration, primary source material, and group exercises, students saw the tragic events from every perspective. In the process, they came to understand that history is the collective result of every individual’s thoughts and actions. They learned not only history, but also the critical thinking skills required to make good choices. For more visit: Facing History


Mills College

Mills is an independent liberal arts college for women with graduate programs for women and men. The College educates students to think critically and communicate responsibly and effectively, to accept the challenges of their creative visions, and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effect thoughtful changes in a global, multicultural society. Inspired by a teaching philosophy that grows out of a longstanding dedication to women’s education, Mills provides a dynamic learning environment that encourages intellectual exploration. The faculty of nationally and internationally respected scholars and artists is dedicated to developing the strengths of every student, preparing them for lifelong intellectual, personal, and professional growth. For more visit: Mills College


National Writing Project (NWP)

Unique in breadth and scale, the NWP is a network of sites anchored at colleges and universities and serving teachers across disciplines and at all levels, early childhood through university. NWP provides professional development, develop resources, generate research, and act on knowledge to improve the teaching of writing and learning in schools and communities. The National Writing Project believes that access to high quality educational experiences is a basic right of all learners and a cornerstone of equity. NWP works in partnership with institutions, organizations, and communities to develop and sustain leadership for educational improvement. For more visit: NWP


Oakland Unified School District

OUSD is made up of 87 schools elementary through high school and enrolls more than 36,000 students. The district racially/ethnically and economically diverse – 48 different native languages are spoken in the district. For the last several years the district has worked to provide high quality community schools where children, adults, and community thrive through a 7-year strategic initiative. The goal is to create and sustain a district of community schools capable of supporting the unique needs of each child and to link caring school communities with Oakland neighborhoods across our city. The district is working to prepare each to child to be ready to succeed in college and careers that lead them to healthy and happy lives.