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Why students think civic engagement belongs in a Strategic ELA classroom: A Hands on Approach to Establishing a Recycling Program at Castlemont High School by Michelle Espino

Students sat at their desk on the first day of class and were welcomed to the course named at the top of their syllabus: SUDA Strategic English- Developing Literacy Skills for Navigating & Changing our World. For many, there were already mixed feelings about  having to be in a Strategic […]

From Questions to Actions: Civic Engagement in a 9th grade History Classroom by Jah-Yee Woo

When I’m asked what I teach, and I respond, “California History,” the responses from fellow teachers and parents are often excitement and curiosity.  However, the responses from 9th grade students in my California Studies classes at Oakland Technical High are much different.  They range from groans accompanied by “We’ve done […]