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2 thoughts on “Why Community Ready?

  • Jon Schmidt

    It is so exciting to learn more about Oakland’s efforts to move students toward democracy-readiness. We have long talked about college and career ready in Chicago and are still pushing the envelope on the importance of civic engagement as the third leg of preparation for life. Our Global Citizenship Initiative is a new effort to generate myriad opportunities for students to learn the steps of democratic participation. We’re excited to be walking this path along with Oakland. Congratulations on a dynamic new website.

    • Young Whan Choi

      Thanks, Jon! I am hopeful that we are at a tipping point. There seem to be more and more districts embracing the need to educate for democracy and global citizenship. Keep up the amazing work in Chicago! We are looking forward to your visit later this year and hope that some of your teachers will join us for the Teachers Teaching Teachers webcast on Jan 22.